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Saxophone Class

Peripatetic lessons

At Ormiston Rivers Academy

extra tuition music lessons are offered to all students.

Please find all information below. 

Charlie Wisdom - Guitar/Bass

Charlie Wisdom is an industry professional. He is a multi-instrumentalist, arranger and educator specialising in music theory, improvisation and instrumental technique. His teaching approach focuses on learning music by ear and encouraging students to explain what they are hearing to link directly to music theory. He has worked in a variety of ensembles, ranging from Bossa Nova to Electronic Pop, allowing him to bring performing skills into the classroom. 


- BA Hons Professional Musicianship at BIMM Bristol

PHOTO-2023-10-04-19-04-01 2.jpg

Claire furley - vocals/Piano

Claire is known nationally as the voice of Karen Carpenter, in the theatre show 'The Carpenter's Story', in which she has been playing the lead role for more than 25 years. She has been teaching singing, violin, piano and music theory/history for over 30 years, both in schools and privately. She is a highly respected musician, teacher and choir leader. Claire's passion is encouraging students to discover their musical gifts, giving them confidence to carry with them through all aspects of life. 


ABSRM Grade 8 Vocals

ABSRM Grade 8 Violin


Heather Higley -Drumming

Miss Higley is primarily a rock/pop/funk drummer taught by Bob Armstrong. She has been teaching drums for 7 years both privately and in schools, and has also been a tutor for 'The Rock Project' - a music education franchise.

She received the award of 'Student of the Year' for the Performing Musician NVQ she undertook.

She typically takes a systematic approach to teaching drums - striving to ensure students acquire both good technique and understanding of theory, as well as solid, efficient and comprehensive coordination that will serve them when it comes to graded pieces and other songs.


Distinction Grade 8 Drum Kit


Drumming Resources

Drums AudioPractice
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Guitar/Bass Resources

Circle of Fifths 


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