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Our aim at Rivers is to develop students to become the very best musicians they can. We want students to think, act and speak like those working in the field. We do this through quality teaching of our curriculum which challenges our students to not only understand different styles and genres of music but requires them to explore, discuss and demonstrate this understanding in creative ways.


ASPIRE: Our music curriculum is ambitious and engaging for all students across the three key stages. It is designed to foster a love of music by enabling students to perform, compose, listen-to and analyse music and in doing so increase their self-confidence and sense of achievement. We want all of our students to be able to use their music education at Rivers as a vehicle to employment or university placement within the arts. 


INSPIRATION: Students have the opportunity to perform and create music on a range of instruments, voices and technology through different styles and genres. Students are exposed to opportunities to develop as a musician beyond the curriculum through a range of extra-curricular clubs, trips, visits and peripatetic lessons.

RESILIENCE: Our curriculum is designed to challenge all students. Assessment is embedded into the curriculum and forms a part of the dialogue between students understanding what they have achieved and the next steps towards mastery. Students develop resilience through independent practice, ensemble rehearsal and effective communication with adults and peers.

RESPECT: Students explore a diverse range of cultures, styles and genres from different parts of the globe promoting our value of being a global citizen.  Our curriculum develops teamwork, creative thinking, time management and social skills as students work in a range of group sizes independently.

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